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Your kitchen garden is brimmed with green vegetables that you can use to prepare delectable recipes at any time. Bell peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, and tomatoes all brighten up your kitchen garden, but not your dining table.


But why is that? It’s your imagination that has constrained you from including far less vegetables in your meals than you should. They are disliked by both your children and your better half.

However, there is one approach to increase their hunger when they see vegetables.


Make stuffed vegetables with your favorite protein or cheese fillings to transform dull greens into exquisite dishes.

Take a look at this 2-pcs bell pepper corer, your kitchen buddy, to remove the seeds or core of the veggies like jalapeno, chilies, or bell pepper without a hiccup.

No more scornful faces at the dining table.

What you’ll get:

2-pcs corer: One corer is for large bell peppers, and the small corer is for jalapenos and chilies. These perfectly remove seeds in a matter of seconds. So avoid kitchen hassle and bring this efficient tool.

Safe use: The plastic build makes it safe to use. This bell pepper corer will be the safest tool in your kitchen with no sharp edge or blades. It will ensure that your hands don’t get pepper burns and the chore is done without any inconvenience.

Make appealing meals: From stuffed bell peppers to peri-peri bites, the sky is your limit when making dishes with hollow vegetables. Enjoy seedless veggies with the help of this tool.

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