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Do you love flowers? Well, who doesn’t?

They are nature’s beauty pellets; some have large, bright, multi-colored petals while others stand on tall, green stalks proudly with their small, mono-colored petals. Nonetheless, they are all pleasing to the eye.

Why can’t you bring the same color in your kitchen as well? No, we are not talking about planting them in glass vases. We are asking you to integrate them into your food or more precisely, in your confectionary items.

With what? With these 3D Flower Molds. They carve striking flower designs on your waffles, cookies, pastries and jellies, making them fun and enticing for kids to eat.

What you’ll get:

Provides excitement to your pastries: For how long would you make the same boring, simple-shaped cupcakes and pastries? This stamping mold gives you the freedom to make 4 or 6 different-shaped flowers easily. Turn your standard cupcakes and jellies into irresistible, exciting treats that your kids and family members devour.

Easy operation: Connect the shaping basket and the plunger together and put the dough into the shaping basket. Then lay the 3d flower mold flat on the ground and press the plunger down. As you press it, gradually lift the tool from the surface to shape the dough perfectly.

Multiple uses: Use it for making soap molds, jellies, waffles, chocolate, cake decorating fondants and pastries. It is a great shaping tool for you on birthday parties, family get-togethers, Halloween and Christmas.

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