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Cooking eggs in the morning is necessary, so why not simplify that necessity with these round egg rings made of silicone! They will help you cook multiple eggs at the same time while keeping them all equally sized.

What you’ll get:

Non-stick silicone molds: The rings are made of silicone which is fracture-resistant, scratch-resistant, non-toxic, and non-stick in nature. Moreover, they can endure high temperatures.

Round eggs with less effort: The round cooking rings for eggs give you pretty fried eggs every morning with less time and effort. No need to be extra careful while crack opening the egg and delicately putting them in the frying pan. Simply put the eggs in the rings and the walls will protect them from deforming.

Ease in cleaning: Because of the excellent non-stick properties of silicone, they are very easy to clean and wash. Dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel ear handle: Turnable handle at the side of the egg rings gives you extra safety. Move the rings with the help of the handle instead of going down towards the ring and accidentally touching the hot pan.

Diameter: 4 inches


Prepare round eggs with ease now

Silicone material; non-stick, non-toxic

Turnable ear handle on the side for safety

Available in different colors

One order contains 4 rings

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