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Your diet plan is showing great results for your weight loss. You are happy with how your body is losing weight at a steady pace.

But the only downside of it is your clothes getting baggy for you. Jeans don’t fit you anymore.

You can’t buy new ones because your weight loss goals are still some kgs far, so spending money on clothes will be a waste at the moment.

Wondering how to tackle the situation?

We have a solution through which your everyday pants will fit you until you can buy new ones. Take a look at this leather hole punch tool. It is an ideal thing to make new holes in your belt to tighten it to your present waist easily.

Put an end to feeling that your pants are going to fall at any moment.


Proper holes punched: This high-quality hole punch tool is specially made to punch round holes in the belt with extreme precision. Irregularly shaped holes made with screwdrivers or knives are enough to ruin the belt in a matter of days, but not with this hole punching kitt.

Adjust belt as per your waist: With your weight loss goals being achieved gradually, your waist is also getting smaller. Use this hole puncher to make new holes in the belt so that your jeans stay on your body.

Different sized holes: The kit is equipped with 6 different sized hole punchers. With varying sizes, you can opt for the one that suits your belt pin the most.

Multiple uses: This leather hole punch tool is not only confined to being used for belts but can be used for wristwatch straps or your DIY tasks at home.

Convenient to use: No need to apply any extra force while using this. A simple clutch movement with your hand is enough to do the job.  No need to burn the knife and then try to make a hole in the belt with it.

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