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Having back pain all the time? Eliminate that in just 5-10 minutes a day!

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Tired of doing all the therapies and taking medicine while the pain stays the same? We have a SOLUTION for you!

This Back Stretcher can help you to relieve chronic back pain and correct postural imbalance, restore the natural curvature and improve flexibility in shoulders and back muscles.


Designed with 88 protruding points that correspond to acupuncture points of your body to correct posture and poor spinal alignment, ease back pain and improve your flexibility.
It has an adjustable arch level to provide great relaxation. Lay down and relax at any time of the day because you can carry it with you with its lightweight and compact design.

It is comfortablestable and durable!





3-level adjustment of arch shape for greater reach.

Correct postural imbalances and relieve chronic back pain effectively.

Helps you relax according to the physiological curvature of the human spine design.

Improve flexibility in shoulder and back muscles for relieving muscle tension, promoting the blood circulation and easing the feeling of fatigue.




Lying down: Can gradually open the lumbar intervertebral space and return the normal physiological curve.

Sitting: Can help correct sitting position and massage the waist.



How to use: Simply use for 5 minutes, twice a day for optimum results.


Pedestal length: 38.5 cm / 15.2 in

Adjustable levels: 2.8 in, 3.5 in and 4.3 in

Max acceptable weight: 250 kg / 551.2 lbs


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