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Instantly veil and cover all the dark spotsblemishes, scars, wrinkles, and lines with the AgeRewind Matte Liquid Foundation

Lock-on and eliminate impurities while making your skin fairer than before, say no more to wrinkles and other skin problems.

It easily blends into all skin types to give you a flawless, gorgeous, and stunning look all day through. Be confident and look amazing!


Smoothing Liquid Foundation 
It can correct and perfect skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone and under-eye circles. It provides seamless, flawless camouflage in the ultra-smooth finish.

Hydrate and moisturize
It contains a whitening and moisturizing repair composition, covering fine lines and wrinkles for radiant coverage. It won’t crease, crack, or settle into lines.

Organic & Allergic-free
Formulated in a premium blend of natural ingredients and organic essenceperfect for ALL skin types.

Water-proof formula
Stay throughout your daily activities and night outs for an irresistible long-lasting gorgeous look.

High Concealer
Buildable and blendable, smoothing over pores and imperfections to give an airbrushed look and clear complexion.


Weight: 59g

Content: 35 ml


1 x AgeRewind Matte Liquid Foundation

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