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Dishwashing can be a laborious chore if your counter is cluttered. If you spend hours finding the sponge and soap, how can you expect the dishwashing to be a breezy walk in the park?

With this animal suction sponge holder, however, you will never lose your dishwashing sponges and will also be able to keep your sink and surrounding areas mess-free. In addition, the animal-shaped design makes it a fun way of keeping things accessible.  

This multi-useful product can store sponges, soaps or you can even hang body wash scrubbers with it.

What you’ll get:

Easy installation: No need to drill holes in your precious kitchen walls. You can attach these suction cup holders to your walls, tiles and sinks. The suction cup is strong enough to bear the weight of soap and sponges easily.

Organized kitchen sink: Make your kitchen counter more accessible and organized with these holders attached to the wall or even inside the sink. You won’t be spending much of your time finding the lost sponge between the pile of plates. Its cute design won’t let you forget to place the sponge on it.

Cute addition to kitchen décor: These holders are not just useful but add a tint of cuteness to the kitchen as well. Make your dull kitchen walls a little more colorful with these beady-eyed animal holders attached to them.


Short description:

Material: ABS

Cute animal shaped design

Hold sponges, soaps, etc.

Easy to install suction cup holders

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