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Your baby will love playing on this!

These beautiful animal play mats are soft and a great addition to your collection of baby’s essentials. Choose from a wide array of animals including rabbits, lions, raccoons, swans, cats, tigers, giraffes, and bears.

Cotton material makes this kid’s activity mat/rug more enjoyable for your kids. It will not hurt the baby’s skin, is environmental friendly and comfortable.

These play mats are easy to clean. Wipe with moist cloth and mild soap to keep them clean.

The diameter of the play mat is 35.43 inches (90cm).

Washing instructions

Hand-wash with warm water mixed with neutral detergent. The product contains particle foam filler and so it is not machine-washable.

Rinse in clear water. Then use a towel to gently squeeze out the water before hanging it out to dry. Do not hand-twist the play mat. Using a dryer is not recommended (though it’s reportedly okay according to customers).

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