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This exquisitely crafted super soft, multicolored bed tent with beautiful majestic prints will be your kids’ haven!

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Bed Tent for Kids is a multicolored overhead tent woven together with high-grade polyester that keeps your little ones safe from the boogeyman under their bed and guarantees a goodnight’s sleep.

It has a simplistic design where you can set it up straight out of the bag. Simply unfold the tent, clamp it with the sides of the bed and secure it over their head. It has enough space for your kid to sleep in whichever position they want and it won’t fall off.

Bed Tent is big enough to fit a twin bed and bunk beds too. This tent comes with several prints for your kids to choose from and they can upgrade the look of their abode in a very elegant manner.


Long-Lasting: Bed Tent is intelligently built to last. Your kids can play inside the tent or bounce off their balls on its surface and yet it will stay intact. This tent can be used for a long time without its quality getting degraded.

Easy to Store: This children’s tent can be easily unclamped and folded back up when not in use. Being extremely lightweight, you can neatly stack and store it in the bag that it came in. The bag can be then placed wherever you want as it doesn’t take up much space.

Easy Mobility: Not just beds but this tent can be set up anywhere your kids want it to be. Being carriable and wieldy, your kids can place the tent in the garden, on the porch, the basement or any place where they feel like setting up their fort.

Perfect for Gifting: This dream tent is a hit amongst kids. You can gift this to your kids or any other child and watch their eyes sparkle. They will be fascinated to curl up in the bed with beautiful designs hovering over their head as they drift off to their dream world.

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