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Tired of squashing or splashing of food by your kids?

The heinous murder of food items by the toddlers needs to come to an end, and there is no better way of doing that than by teaching them to eat with proper cutlery.

Avoiding the use of hands to eat the meal at a tender age is the only right way of stopping infants from making a mess of their plates.

And these bending forks and spoons are the ideal products to bring this change to your kids’ eating habits.

Make the use of tableware easier for kids, and they are sure to love this training cutlery for its unique and cool design.

What you’ll get:

Safe for kids’ use: The bending fork and spoon are made with soft Silicone material that poses no threat to toddlers’ safety. To prevent your child’s soft gums and teeth from any unintentional hurting, the tips of the fork are rounded.

Easy to use: The fork and spoon have an ergonomic design that makes them easy to hold for children. Their bendable nature allows them to be held in either hand, whichever the young one prefers. The non-slip design gives kids good gripping power.

Help self-learning: The cool design of these baby utensils makes them more endearing than the silverware in your kitchen cabinets. Children prefer using these for their eating, and this helps them learn self-feeding quickly. In no time, you’ll be relieved of the task.


Material: Silicone + Plastic

Made with food-grade material

Teaches infants self-feeding

Bending design

Safe to use


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