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Cat Scratcher Bed is the first-ever LX Designs product for your cat. This is no ordinary cat scratcher bed. It has a unique round style that curves gently inwards making it the perfect place for your cat to sleep, stretch, scratch and loaf!

Cat scratcher bed with superior quality construction

Eco-friendly, premium recycled cardboard

Quality organic catnip included

Dimensions: 41cm (diameter) x 10cm (height)

Designed by LX Designs

Made from premium corrugated cardboard, this is a luxury bed for your cat and also a great place for keeping their claws healthy. It’s eco-friendly, 100% natural and the curved style makes it a comfortable place for your cat to sleep or sit and watch the world go by. Comes with quality organic catnip. 

It measures 41cm diameter x 10cm high which means it’s a great size for cats of all shapes as sizes from big cuddly Gingers to chunky British Shorthairs.

Cat Scratcher Bed is a stylish addition to any cat home and you can use it in any room – in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere you’d like to encourage your cat to rest and scratch their claws. You may find it useful for protecting furniture as cats will enjoy scratching the cardboard instead of your best furniture.

Decorated with the new Jin Designs, it really is something special for you and your cat to enjoy. 

Also makes a lovely gift for someone who has a cat, ideal for a new home or birthday and perfect for a Christmas gift too.

Does your cat like to loaf? Cat loafing is the loaflike form of a domestic cat sitting with paws tucked underneath the body. And this design is a perfect reminder to all cat lovers of one of their many favorite cat positions!

This Is A Great Gift For yourself or your friend!

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