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Non-aggressive mist of water: Delivers the water just like an electric kettle produces steam – even and continuous. It doesn’t waste any water from the bottle and is perfect for your hair, face and indoor plants (ferns, peperomia and plants with aerial roots). It allows all the water droplets to stay on the surface of the hair, face and leaves rather than bouncing off them.

Use in both directions: There are instances when you have to bend and kneel in order to make the water reach a specific point e.g. an inner section of a bushy plant. Use this continuous spray bottle in the inverted configuration to reach that point without bending now. It works with the same effect when upside-down as well.

* Don’t use hot water to disinfect the bottle. Use warm water or detergent.

How does it work:

It is non-aerosol in nature. Simply press the trigger once and a prolonged spray of water will be ejected which will stay for 3-5 seconds. Ordinary nozzle sprayers produce a stream first which converts into a spray and then back into a stream.

This wastes water. Nothing of this sort happens with this continuous spray bottle.


Material: PET

Produces a fine mist of continuous water

The spray lasts for 3-5 seconds

Capacity: 150 ml

Works when upside-down too

Ideal for misting plants, beauty procedures, cleaning

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