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You may not be aware of it, but your dog desperately wants to become a mermaid, and this mermaid dog life-jacket will assist them in this monumental life change. My dog is so girthy that he sinks when he goes into a pool or lake, so without a dog swimming vest, consider him a goner around water. What better way to get him to wear his life-jacket then to make him into a beautiful swimming mermaid.

The mermaid dog swimming vest comes in a bunch of different sizes to accommodate most dogs dreams of becoming a mermaid, no matter how voluptuous their bodies are.

The mermaid dog vest swimming jacket features a beautiful mermaid tail that comes out the back of it, an extra chin float pad that goes under the dogs chin to keep their head above water, and there’s also a handle on the back to quickly and easily grab hold of your dog.

Use the adjustable belt and quick-release buckles to get a perfect fit of the mermaid dog life jacket around your pooch’s unique body type. There’s also a heavy-duty D-rink on the top of the vest to use with a dog leash.


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