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Pets are pure love. But their hair are certainly not.

And when they attach to your clothes, it becomes even worse. But the worst part?

It goes into the washing machine and suffocates the filters.

You need a lint trap that can catch the pet hair.

With this Daisy Laundry Hair Catcher, you can easily remove pet hair and lint stuck to your freshly washed clothes. It removes even the finest dirt and residue from your laundry effortlessly. The mesh bag revolves around the washing machine with the clothes and catch the fluff without affecting the quality of the wash at all.


Innovative inverted cone-shaped design: The annoying dirt and hair of your pet cat and dog get stuck in the catcher as it contains a soft, tacky, flexible mesh.

Safe for all clothing: No fixed fabric requirement for usage. It is suitable for all fabrics like cotton, nylon, wool, etc.

Easy to use: Simply put the daisy lint catcher into the washing machine when washing clothes to filter lint.

Keeps the washing machine clean: Prevents the fur, hair and dander from clogging the pipes.

Works best in top-loading washing machines.

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