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Don’t you hate it when dirty dishes get mixed up with the clean dishes in the dishwasher?

Of course, you do!

This simple dishwasher clean dirty indicator just erased this irritating problem. All you need to do is, slide the cover to the green side after cleaning the dishes and to the red side if the dishes need cleaning. Voila! No more nasty surprises in the dishwasher.

This sign will end all of your partner’s excuses for not cleaning the dishes since it is easily visible from across the room.

What you’ll get:

Scratchless surface: The durable plastic backing makes sure that the magnet easily sticks with the dishwasher’s body without leaving any scratches on it.

Fun and easy reminder: The dishwasher clean dirty sign is a unique way of reminding yourself or someone else that the dishes need cleaning without even opening the dishwasher. The sign is visible from afar, which makes it impossible to be ignored.

Dual sticking options: There is an adhesive backing on the sign. You can peel the cover and use it to stick on wooden doors, cabinets or acrylic cupboards as well to indicate the status of the laundry.


Material: acrylic

Size: 18 x 5 cm approx.

Doesn’t cast any scratches on the dishwasher

Red: Dirty, Green: Clean

Contains magnet & adhesive strip

Also works on wood & acrylic surfaces

Easy to read

This Is A Great Gift For yourself or your friend!

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