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Your kids envy the fancy lunch meals that their friends bring to school and want you to make their meals special too. But how? Wouldn’t this be expensive?

Certainly not!

You can always opt for pocket-friendly ways of making unique meals for your kids.


By using this crinkle cutter knife to give an eye-appealing zig-zag shape to the boring vegetables which almost no kid likes to consume.

Make crinkle-cut fries and decorative garnishes with this knife and get rid of kids’ annoyance on the dining table. The serrated blades are sure to elevate your dishes and increase your appetite at the sight of eye-appealing fruit and veggie servings.

It’s time you spend your hard-earned money on something that actually makes a difference in your kitchen.

What you’ll get:

Comfortable usage: The ergonomic plastic handle gives the blade an easy and comfortable grip. You won’t feel weary anytime soon while slicing the vegetables with this.

Multiple uses: This is not just a tool to cut wavy-shaped French fries, but use it for carrots, pickles, zucchini, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and whatever you can think of. Add a nice touch to your plate’s garnishing, and make your recipes more breathtaking.

Make food appealing for kids: Children are always the difficult party when it comes to eating regular home meals. They are always looking for unique and new dishes to try. Use this crinkle cutter knife to make wavy French fries and other vegetables tempting.

Ideal gift choice: No food lover or chef would resist appreciating this useful kitchen gadget. Gift this to your loved ones who have a passion for cooking or want to try new things. 


Material: Stainless steel + Plastic

Give vegetables a wavy cut

Eye-catching garnishing

Make meals fun for kids

 Ergonomic handle

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