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Fix electronics, build circuit boards, make jewelry, and create arts and crafts with ease!

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Soldering is an essential skill in electronics: whether you want to repair some electronic appliances or to create and solder your own circuits.

It is widely used in small appliance repair, soldering circuit board, watches, mobile phones, TV capacitors or accessories, appliance repair, home DIY hobbyists, jewelry solder and more.


Desoldering Pump

Whether you are right or left-handed, you can using the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready, the desoldering pump designed with double ring double open and “vacuum” button, which make the sucking power awesome.


Excellent for phone, watch fixing, electronics maintenance, jewelry and other fine crafts, medical and laboratory work, cosmetic hair removal and more works

900M Series Tips

900M soldering iron tip with chrome-plated, features fast thermal conductivity and longevity. Inner-heated ceramic technology makes the 60W soldering iron heat up very quickly(thermostat range 200 °c – 450 °c), which has a longer service life and heating fast.


The solder wire scaffold provides the hands-free solder feeding while soldering, with you pressing the trigger, the solder wire trace down the steel wire pipe into heated-up solder head, then melt and flow down to the place where you are repairing.



Power: 60W

Voltage: 110V

Temp Range: 200℃ – 450 ℃

Material: ABS + Alloy tip

Tips model: 900M series

Cable length: 1.3m

Warm-up time: 2-4 minute

Tweezers:Fine tip curved(12cm),fine tip straight(14cm)

Soldering wire: Diameter 1mm


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