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If you are a weak eye-sight person, you must be familiar with the struggles we have to go through daily to find our eyeglasses.

They seem to have legs just like bobby pins that disappear when we need them the most.

You wanted to read a book but couldn’t find your reading glasses!

Your favorite show was live on the television; then again, where the heck are those eyeglasses?

Yes, you remember to put them in the protective case, but the irony is you can’t even find that too! Wait, hold on. You might be missing something.

Duh, the case? Nah. A faux fur holder? Uh, you know that’s not a suitable option for the go. Then what? Our eye glasses holder magnetic pin! But, how can it help you?

Simple, it can be easily attached to your shirt, so there’s no chance you will forget it.

Hang the glasses into this magnetic holder clip when you’ve done reading the files and find it right there when you sit to watch the tv.

What you’ll get:

Fashionable clip: It won’t ruin your classy attire. Instead, it may look like a trendy pin for the dress when not holding your sunglasses.

Convenient: You can easily hang your reading glasses, sunglasses, ear pods, handsfree, etc. It has a unique design and is not heavy so that you can attach it to your shirt or jacket without feeling a giant ball on your chest.

A fit for different glasses: It may look small, but it can securely hold different-sized eyeglasses without letting them drop to the ground.

Easy attachment: Simply hold the one part from the inside of your shirt and lightly press the other part (curved) from the outside to attach the classy eye glass holder magnetic brooch.


Material: Alloy

Unique and fashionable design

Perfect for hanging sunglasses, reading glasses, handsfree, etc.

A thoughtful gift for people who ear glasses

Easy attachment to shirts

It won’t ruin your attire

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