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The Perfect Solution To Breastfeeding

Mothers already have enough things to stress about, so why not make breastfeeding easier? 

Preserve nutrients and let your child feed at their own pace with the Baby Bottle.


With the Baby Bottle, your child can control the amount of fluid they ingest without over drinking. 

This results in less stomach pain

Studies have shown a majority of digestive issues in infants stem from over/underfeeding.


With it’s meticulous design, our baby bottle prevents air from entering into the bottle, hence helping your child intake nutrients while eliminating baby gas.


This bottle gives your child the freedom of drinking the milk by themselves without you having to hold them for a long period of time (A supervisor needs to be present with the child at all times).

The Baby Bottle is also specifically designed to feel similar to natural breastfeeding.


The Baby Bottle’s self-feed design has been recommended by top pediatricians across the globe!

Let us show you why parents love it, pediatricians recommend it, and children adore their Baby Bottle.


Children tend to have weak immune systems so it is crucial to sanitize all objects they come into contact with.

Here is our recommendation on how to not only clean our baby bottle, but any other baby bottle you may be using:

Step 1: Start by cleaning all parts with soap and water with your hand. Make sure to rinse well so no soap is left.

Step 2: To start the sterilizing process, place all rinsed parts in a pot.

Step 3: Cover everything with water, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Step 4: Bring the water to a boil for 5-7 minutes.

Step 5: Wait for the parts to cool down and remove them using a clean tonsil.

Step 6: Allow time to air dry thoroughly before use.


Material: 100% BPA-FREE Silicon

Colors: Pink, Green

Size: 250ML

Gender: Unisex

Washable: Yes

Microwave Safe: Yes

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