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Makes a hilariously fun gift for babies!

Baby seems to have blast with the Hamstar & it keeps them entertained when you’re busy.

Repeating toy: Simply turn the switch on and say anything close to it or make any sound he will repeat back to you in a funny high pitched voice.

The voice is high pitched but not shrill and can be understood easily.

It doesn’t catch any background sound.

Sensitive audio receiver: The toy can differentiate the voice of male and female.

It will exactly repeat the same style you speak because of its high-quality receiver.

Shake and Dance: The toy is not just about its funny audio but it has an auto shaking feature which is activated when touched.

The head bumps us and down in a cute way when it speaks.

Ideal for parties: This is a perfect fun toy for parties and family & friend gatherings.

It will cheer everyone up.

Keep it in your car: You can keep it in the car for tons of different things, it will keep your car environment entertaining.

Give as a gift: It’s a perfect gift for not only babies but also adults. People of any age get entertained by it.

Batteries: 3AAA (not included because of potential shipping and customs safety issues)

Sizes 15cm

Package included: 1pc Hamster Toy

This Is A Great Gift For yourself or your friend!

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