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Durable and easy-to-use, the useful Grape Cutter is the kitchen gadget that every house should have. It helps to cut the grapes and tomato grapes in quarter pieces quickly which is perfect for fruit salads and preparing baby food. Reduce the time and effort invested on cutting and slicing small fruits now.


Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic polymer

Powerful serrated blades: The sharp plus-shaped blades will cut the grapes in mere seconds. Unlike cheap grape cutters, this doesn’t allow the grape skin to stick with the blades so you get a clean and quick cut.

Perfectly shaped pieces: No need of knives to cut the small grapes. It gives equal sized four pieces.

Time-saving: Especially effective for mothers with small kids. It helps to prepare grape salads in less time.

Ergonomic design: Proper grip and ergonomic finger rests ensure you can cut as many grapes as you like in one sitting. The plunger is soft and non-slip.

Easy to clean: As the parts of the cutter can be separated, so you can clean it thoroughly as a whole. It is recommended to dry the cutter fully; otherwise it may rust.

Dimensions: 170x35mm

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