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To all those who were long wishing for a pea peeling machine would be excited to see this hand-rolling pea sheller which uses mechanical gears and simple hand motion to have shelled peas. No pain in the fingertips now while peeling the peas. 

What you will get:

Fast peeling action: Simply slide in the pod and run the handle to get instant peas in the collecting area.

Pain-free method: Keep fingertip pain away with this ingenious machine because you won’t be peeling the peas with hands now.

Food-grade PP material: Made of non-hazardous PP material, the hand rolling pea sheller is completely washable. 

Locking pin for secure grip: Turn the locking pin situated on the side of the peeler to lock it with the ground so it doesn’t move during the peeling process.

Right & left-handers: The ingenious design includes a removable handle assembly which lets you use the handle from both sides. Suitable for both right and left-handers.

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