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If you are looking to get an extra light for added convenience and safety around your house, this motion-detecting LED light will be a huge lifesaver. You can stick it literally anywhere without worrying about wiring.

  Motion detector – auto-on & off
 No wiring – easy installation
 Built-in magnets – stick to anywhere
 USB rechargeable – cordless light

You may encounter these lighting problems…

Lighten up Your Space Effortlessly

Never worry about having to flick the switch again! This motion-activated LED light is designed to lighten up as you come.

The compact & cordless light will fit in any small space. It is also perfect for less occupied areas where they tend to be dark and you only need light for a short while.

Trigger By Movements

The built-in motion detector does all the jobs! As you walk closer within the range of the detector, it knows you are coming and will trigger the light automatically.

The light will switch itself off after 20 seconds (should be long enough to fetch your stuff). Don’t worry, the detector will disable during daylight hour. MAGIC!

Super Easy Installation

No wiring and no tools are required at all! With the built-in magnets and the 3M adhesive magnetic strips, you can stick the light to basically ANYWHERE.

No plugs or cords are needed to connect to power. Simply take it off for a recharge.

GlowRight works great for…

Including but not limited to these places.


Length: 8”/12″/20″ (21cm/30cm50cm)

Width: 1.7 cm / 0.67”

Height:  1.9 cm / 0.75”

Numbers of LED:  14/20/36

Lumens:  336 LM/480LM/

Wattage:  3W/4W/5W

Color Temperature:  Cool White (6000K) / Warm White (3000K)

Battery Capacity:  500mAh/900mAh/900mAh

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