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These resizing stripes will make every ring your perfect fit!

No More Oversized Rings! This ring resizer stripe effectively fills up the empty space discreetly in your oversized rings, rendering them to your perfect fit! Wear them out confidently and glamorously without worrying about them falling off!


Clear Invisible Appearance! These nifty stripes come in a clear, invisible appearance so you can put them in your rings discreetly without ruining the elegant design of your rings!

Flexible Malleability! The soft materials let you easily bend it to the perfect fitting of your finger! Simply press on the resizers to transform it to your perfect comfort fitting!

Adhesive-free Installation! Simply press the stripes according to your ring sizes and secure the ring in between the concave area of the resizer! The soft silicone makes it easy to put on and remove without leaving a trace on your rings!

Hypoallergenic Silicone Materials! The resizers are created with hypoallergenic silicone materials that are soft and feathery comfortable to your skin!

Built For All Ring Sizes! This pack comes with 8 resizers of different ring width sizes, provide you your perfect fit for all of your rings!


Resizer Width: 1.5-2mm, 2.1*3mm, 3.1*4mm, 4.1-5mm, 5.1-6mm, 6.1-7.5mm, 7.6-8mm, 8.1-9.5mm

Materials: Hypoallergenic silicone

Weight: 15g

Color: Transparent

Package Include:

8* Ring Re-sizers

1* Silver-cleaning Cloth

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