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Make Your Leather Look Luxurious And Brand New Again!


Mistreated or neglected leather can result in dryness, aging, and cracks. Choose the right refurbishing agent to take care of your leather assets. Choose Leather Restoration Cream! This leather cream is made especially for polishing and decontaminating any leather surface, easily removing the dust, dirt, and scratches, and adding a protective coating to prevent the aging of the leather. 


  • Effectively prevents damage to the leather’s outer layer caused by sun exposure.
  • Increases durability and returning it to its original color.
  • Easily cleans dirt, scratches, stains, and grime.
  • Restores worn out leather surfaces and provides leather moisture.
  • Prevents oxidation & aging of leather.
  • It prolongs leather life by an added Barrier Protection Technology.
  • Safe for any leather surface and does not cause any damage.
  • Use on all leather types – Perfect for furniture, couches, handbags, boots, and more.


  • Color: White; Black; Beige; Beige White; Dark Brown; Brown; Beige Browm; Grey; Light Brown; Wine Red; Fruit Green
  • Net Wt: 2oz


  • 1 x Leather Restoration Cream
  • 1 x Color-Repaint

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