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Want to have appealing, color-blocked dining table mats for your upcoming party?

Need to skillfully slice leather for your sell-worthy leatherworking crafts?

Have to cut brown paper for packing housewarming gifts for your relatives or new neighbors?

It’s as easy as a breeze with this ingenious rotary cutter for leather, fabric and paper. No need for separate scissors, cutters and knives to get the cutting job done for you.

These tools are not very powerful, they get you in danger and can’t possibly be used for every application.

But this rotary cutter – oh man! Thanks to its sharp 45mm cutting wheel, you will be able to slice thick brown leather pieces, trim premium cotton fabrics, cut striped wrapping papers, slit unicolored felt sheets and a lot more. Give yourself and your kids a DIY treat and be the dreamy craftsman you always wished to be!

What you’ll get:

Sharp blade for cutting a variety of materials: Thanks to the sharp, thin cutting wheel, it can effectively handle foaming sheets, leather, fabric, drawing paper, fur, cartons, etc. Make straight or curved cuts with it for your decorations, household chores or sewing procedures.

Locking button for safety: There is a black locking button that will retract the blade inside the tool’s body when not in use. It also prevents your small kids from any harm.

Comfortable handgrip: Using cutting tools for longer durations can be tiring but not this leather rotary cutter. It has a curved handgrip design that contours to the natural curves of your hand, and allows you to perform professional cuts comfortably and painlessly. You can view the blade during the whole cutting process which decreases the chances of any mishaps and unintended cuts.


Stainless Steel blades

Curved body for natural hand grip

Sharp blade for effortless cutting (45 mm)

Useful for leather, fabric, paper, etc.

Locking pin for safety

Package includes cutter + 5 blades

Only for right-handers

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