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Have you ever burnt yourself while showering?

No, wait, seriously!

The feeling of that extra warm water that’s too hot for your liking. Hence, your sensitive skin is now decorated with red spots as if you were really on the fire. Now, imagine if, by mistake, your little kid went to take a shower under that flaming water.

Or, even worse, you turned on the faucet without pre-checking the water temperature while giving a bath to your precious baby. Ah, we can’t even imagine the horrendous picture of that mishap! Be safe and keep your children protected from the overly hot water with this digital shower thermometer.

The rotatable head with a temperature display will let you view the hotness or coldness of the water right when you open the tap.

What you’ll get:

Attach anywhere: You can attach the portable shower thermometer to any tap or faucet in the house (1/2 inch nut). Be it the kitchen, bathroom, or backyard.

Easy-to-read digital control: The temperature can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The Blue signal represents cold water (<38°C), green displays the perfect shower temperature (38°C-42°C), and red depicts the water might be too hot for you (more than 42°C).

Ergonomic design: The waterproof LED display is rotatable, which can help you see the temperature at any angle while bathing your baby.

Easy to use: Short press the side button to change the scale mode, temperature, or timing. In contrast, the long press will allow you to reset the timer.

Built-in memory chip: If you’re a working mother and leave your baby’s care to the caretaker or nanny. This steam shower control will let you record the water temperature while they bathe the kid. So, you can be assured they are doing their duty just fine.

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