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t’s that time of the week when your kids are a little too excited than usual. Why? Because it’s fin-ally the weekend.

You haven’t yet decided what to do to make their holiday special that suddenly you received a call from your baby sister telling you she’d be visiting with her kids in the afternoon.

And, now you are thinking, “Cool, I am doomed!” Because satisfying a group of kids seems like a flying pig.

Nay nay, not when you’ve got us. Hehe :p

The best way to make little kids happy is by giving them something sweet, cute, and eye-pleasing to eat, just like some freshly baked fish-shaped cookies.

Won’t it add another task to your ‘panic list’? Nope, because here comes our cute little fish cookie cutter to your rescue.  It will help you cut evenly shaped sweets in no time. Just press it onto the mold, and there you have it, your 2-second fish cookie in your hand.  

What you’ll get:

Fin-tastic cookies: It makes cute small fish cookies every time. Moreover, you don’t need to roll constantly to cut the dough shape, tiring your arms just to make some tempting sweets for your kids or guests.

Perfectly shaped mold: It is made of high-quality metal that will give you a perfect cut on the first try. Kids won’t be able to tell that the cookies you baked are homemade and not from a fancy bakery.

Make cooking fun: You can also ask the babies to make their own sweets because our small fish cookie cutter is that easy to use. 

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