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This Exhaust Pipe Roar Maker is the best choice to decorate or upgrade your car’s appearance and performance. Make your car fashionable and unique by upgrading without spending too much. 

After installing this car accessory, the pressure blowing out of your exhaust will make your vehicle sounds like a turbo vehicle with the turbo system or blow-off valve. 

Fits most cars, DIY, and easy to install on the car’s tailpipe. Install this product to make your car stylish and eye-catching while driving; improving your driving interest.


Made of high-quality aluminum, lightweight and durable
Easy to install on the car’s tailpipe
Highly Fashionable

How To Install:

Loosen the bolt on the Turbo Sound Whistle.
Insert the Exhaust Pipe Roar Maker into the tailpipe.
Tighten the bolt so as not to fall off while driving.


Material Type: Aluminum alloy

Mounting Position: Rear


S: Tail Pipe diameter: 32-43mm
Length: 11cm
Displacement: 1000-1600cc

M: Tail Pipe diameter: 37-48mm
Length: 11cm

L: Tail Pipe diameter: 44-55mm
Displacement :2000-2400cc

XL: Tail Pipe diameter: 56-85mm
Length: 12cm
Displacement: 2400+cc

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