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Your kitchen is not the place for spillovers. It’s your magic place – needs to be dirt-free, spill-free and spatter-free. So you can work with full freedom, maximum creativity and zero distractions. 

And what’s the biggest source of boilovers? The water, soup and milk you use while cooking. Before you know it, they have messed up your pretty countertop and filled the entire kitchen with an unpleasant aroma. Minimize that from happening with this spill stopper lid cover. 

It’s your first line of defense against messy stovetop spills! Cover any pot or pan with this innovative spill stopper to prevent spills before they happen and keep your stovetop squeaky clean. The Multi-Purpose Lid Cover and Spill Stopper is ideal for cooking pasta, rice, potatoes, soups and other starchy liquids that tend to boil over easily and it can even be used to steam vegetables and other foods. 


Made from 100% non-toxic BPA-free silicone

Heat-Resistant cover lid

Microwave safe


Dishwasher safe

The material will not retain odors or flavors

Diameter: (Approximately): 12″

Non-stick spill stopper lid cover

Available in Red and Green

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