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Whether you have a vacation planned or you and your best bud spend ample time outdoors together, having fast access to fresh water is crucial. But if you’re on the road, an extra water bottle and separate bowl take up space and can get quite messy.

Imagine having one compact product that you can take anywhere… Something that is safe, effective, and makes it easy to give your dog a drink.

Say goodbye to spilled water and separate bowls. Connecting dog parents and their furry pals, the Outdoor Dog Water Bottle is precisely designed to make your road trip, airline travel, daily walks and park visits all more joyful!

Outdoor Dog Water Bottle is the most convenient way to ensure your pup stays hydrated anytime, anywhere.

🐾 Design: 2-in-1 water bottle with a unique foldable bowl.
🐾 Safe Materials: Our water bottle is BPA-free and made from a high-grade food standard silicone that is safe for your dog.
🐾 Compact & Lightweight: This water bottle can hold 520 ml of cold water making it the perfect size to stash in a backpack or place in any car cup holder.
🐾 Leak-Proof: This water bottle has a locking mechanism that allows you to open and close the valve to prevent water from coming out.
🐾 No Water Wasted: Unused water can flow back into the bottle and conserve for longer outdoor activities.
🐾 Highly Versatile: Take the Outdoor Dog Water Bottle to the beach, on hikes, walks, road trips, airline travel and any outdoor events!

Please confirm the cleanliness and sanitation of drinking water before filling the water to avoid the harm caused by drinking unclean water to your pet’s health.

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