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Add some sparkle to your watch with our Diamond Pebble Steel Interlock. A play on our already super popular Pebble Steel Interlock made of premium stainless steel. Will not tarnish and will remain shiny for life, that’s our guarantee. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our brands so you can have peace of mind. 



Wood Collection

38mm/40mm fits 150mm-210mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 160mm-220mm wrists

Silicone (Buckle)

38mm/40mm, fits 145mm-190mm wrists

42mm/44mm, fits 150mm-210mm wrists

Silicone Solo Loop

38mm/40mm, Small fits 137mm-155mm wrists

38mm/40mm, Medium fits 150mm-170mm wrists

38mm/40mm, Large fits 167mm-190mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Small fits 150mm-170mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Medium fits 168mm-190mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Large fits 185mm-210mm wrists

Braided Solo Loop

38mm/40mm, Extra Small fits below 130mm wrists

38mm/40mm, Small fits 130mm-145mm wrists

38mm/40mm, Medium fits 145mm-165mm wrists

38mm/40mm, Large fits 165mm-180mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Extra Small fits below 130mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Small fits 145mm-165mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Medium fits 165mm-195mm wrists

42mm/44mm, Large fits 190mm-210mm wrists

If your size is between two sizes, it is best to order the smaller size.

Nylon Sport Loop

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-180mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 145mm-210mm wrists

Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 130mm-230mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 135mm-255mm wrists

Rest of Metal Collection

38mm/40mm fits 150mm-210mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 160mm-220mm wrists

Leather Collection

38mm/40mm fits 145mm-190mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 155mm-220mm wrists

Funky Nylon Collection

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-205mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 140mm-210mm wrists

Resin Collection

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-190mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 145mm-200mm wrists

Scrunchie Collection

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-170mm wrists

42mm/44mm fits 145mm-200mm wrists

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