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Who doesn’t love picnics in the park or camping adventures in the wild? They are thrilling, freshens up your mind, diffuses away stress and are healthy for the body.

While camping is a peaceful adventure, setting up the tent is the most effort-taking and time-consuming task one can think of. It takes hours to set the tent in its acceptable form.

But there is one tent that you can set in seconds.


Sorry to break it to you but the tent is not for you. Rather it is for your tasty meals.

Yes, it is a pop-up food cover that is no less than a tent to keep your food safe from bugs and other unwanted creatures in the wilderness. Use it as a see-through cover for your meals and make your picnics or parties completely hygienic.

What you’ll get:

Stylish design: Using plastic seals and containers to store your food is an old practice. But with this mesh food cover, your thirst for innovative things will be quenched. This stylish tent-designed food keeper is a must-have for every household.

Useful indoors and outdoors: Whether you are having a backyard BBQ party or an indoor lounge party, these pop-up food covers are the ideal thing to have. Keep your sweet caramel brownies, fruit salad, or honey wings safe from the attack of flies by covering them with these mesh tents.

Space-saving design: With a collapsible design, you won’t have to worry that it will take all your kitchen counter space. Pack it up when not in use and store it in small cabinets conveniently.

Reusable and money-saving: Unlike the transparent polythene sheet that is disposed of after use, these food covering tents are reusable. Use them for as long as you want to keep your food fresh and safe from insect attacks.

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