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Does it rain a lot in your area? Heck yes, why else would you be searching for a raincoat?

Even if it doesn’t, it’s always good to remain prepared for the salty raindrops that drench you within seconds, mess up your expensive suit and soak your precious possessions. But isn’t a big, parachute raincoat which you carry in a bag simply and publicly old school?

Yeah, it is!

You need something portable and functional, just like your pocket-sized waterproof speakers or wrist-friendly Fitbit. Something that can shield you against the barbarian raindrops but can be stored inside a small ball.

Wait, did we just say a ball? Yeah, don’t roll your eyes upwards, it’s true. There’s finally a portable raincoat ball that you can hang with your backpack or belt.

It comes in different colors; once you have dried the raincoat, fold it back into the ball and put it into your pocket.

What you’ll get:

Full protection from the rain: The plastic, disposable raincoat inside the ball effectively covers your head, three-quarters of your arms, and legs till the knees. This provides you full protection from the rain without compromising your mobility. It is breathable and loose enough to cover your backpack as well.

Portable application: Fold the raincoat into the ball after use for easy transport. It is made of PE film and is quite thin, making it suitable to be rolled into a tiny ball.

Useful for a majority of occasions: This portable raincoat ball will be highly useful during camping on the high mountains, fishing near the sandy beach, and hiking on lush hills. This mini rain gear must always be present with you.


Raincoat material: PE Film

Ball keychain material: ABS

Raincoat folds into a tiny ball

Carry inside your bag or hang with your backpack

Covers almost your whole body

Great for camping, hiking, fishing trips

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