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Which dice games are the most popular around the world? Don’t scratch your head or Google it, here’s the answer:

Dominoes, Monopoly and Poker.

You would surely love rolling the dice on the table and have it land on the face that makes you rich and a winner.

But wouldn’t you also love lighting a flame from the dice? What did we just say, flame from the dice.

Yes, with our LED Dice Lighter, it has been made possible. Fidget the dices individually whenever you want and light them up when that’s not enough. How cool is that!

What you’ll get:

      Enjoyable LED lights for mood-boosting: If you are having a boring or hectic day at home or office, simply light the lighter and it will start booming with multi-colored LED lights. Watch it for a bit, have a go at your cigarette, get your senses calmed and then carry on with your task.

      Refillable lighter: Another huge benefit of this dice lighter is the refillable operation. Use the butane gas to fill it from the bottom whenever it has emptied up.

      Fashionable lighter that gets everyone’s attention: Lighting a flame with generic lighters is no fun. Amp up your cigarette or cigar drinking game with this dice lighter that lights up. Use it amongst your friends at a bar party, while playing a chess game or watching a football game, and you are guaranteed to get eyeballs rolling. 


-Refillable lighter

5 dices of different color

-LED lights present

-The dices rotate independently

-A fun & superior way of lighting a flame

-Fuel: Butane

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