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Remember when you were doing the finishing touches to your sweet delicious egg tarts? Instead of lightly brushing the oven rack with oil, you accidentally spilled the whole bottle into it.


When you had to wipe the cooking pan twice because you added too much butter, and every time you tried to balance it, the tissue would just suck it all.

The rant of these argh cooking and baking memories can go forever!

Transform your furious kitchen experience into a happy time with this silicone oil brush bottle.


Add the exact oil quantity into the pan – make it your oil dispenser.

Brush the required egg wash, butter, or oil to your cookies, pastry, or pie – a perfect oil brush for food.

What you’ll get:

2-in-1 oil brush & container: It is not like the typical brushes that you have to dip in the oil every time before use. Instead, this comes with an oil brush and bottle attached, which you only have to squeeze a little when needed.

No need to wipe the excess oil: It eradicates the daily struggles of getting the perfect amount of oil for your French toast or egg and bacon. Just lightly press the bottle and let the oil brush do its magic.

One tool for all your liquids: Add the marinara sauce, egg wash, oil, or melted butter into the silicone oil bottle with basting brush. It will work perfectly with anything and everything.

Eco-friendly material: You don’t need to worry about the poisonous toxins as it is made of high-quality and environment-friendly silica gel that is non-stick. Moreover, it is resistant to high temperatures so, it will be your helping kitchen tool for a long time.


Material: Silica Gel

No more accidental oil bottle spills

Brushes your food with an even amount of oil

Perfect kitchen tool for bbq parties

One kitchen tool for all your liquids

Easy to wash: detachable silicone head

Dishwasher safe

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