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What’s the problem with plastic ice cube trays? Yes, they’re as stubborn

They resist with their full power to keep the ice cubes captured even when you try to free them. And the worst part – if you try to fight with them a bit, they break with a “crack.” And then they are useless for life.

But our silicone freezer tray will not break; it will not get fractured; taking out ice cubes from it is a breeze, and you want to know what else?

They come with lids, so you can even put them slightly inclined in your freezer without worrying that the liquid might tickle down on the floor of the freezer compartment. Freeze yummy milkshake cubes for your kids, ready-to-make baby food for your toddlers and taste-augmenting fruit balls for your drinks. These trays are there to stay with you for long.

What you’ll get:

Useful for easy meal prep: Our silicone baby food freezer tray cuts down the time needed to prepare your baby’s food. No need to prepare food for them 3, 4 times a day. Make the whole batch once and freeze them in this tray. Take out the required amount 30 minutes before the mealtime.

Multiple uses: It’s not only meant for baby food but for freezing and storing soup, purees, broths, sauces, milkshakes and juices too. You can also put pieces of fruits in the compartments and fill them with water to make fruit ice cubes. Pour them into your summer drinks to enhance their taste.

Stable walls to disallow any crushing: The walls of the tray disallow any tray crushing, no spreading of liquid all over the freezer; flexible but stable.

Lid to allow stacking: Thanks to the see-through lid, you can stack 3-4 trays over one another without any risk of falling.

Super easy to take out ice cubes: One of the biggest benefits of this soup cube tray is that it’s a breeze to take out the ice cubes or frozen soup cubes from it. Twist it, turn it, tap it to remove the cubes unlike the plastic trays that need plenty of running water to free the cubes and if you twist them a bit more, they break. 


Material: BPA-free Silicone

Get honeycomb ice cubes for summer

Useful for soups, baby food, purees, etc.

Includes lid for easy stacking

Dishwasher safe

Temperature range: -40 – 230°F

Size: 20 cm approx.  

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