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How the Solar Panel Works?

In the daylight, the solar panel converts the sunshine into electrical energy stored in the rechargeable battery.

Requires a continuous charge for 6-8 hours. (The solar panel is charging ONLY when the switch is turned on.)

The battery releases energy as light power when in darkness.

The working time varies with the intensity of sunlight, location, weather conditions.

How to Check the Solar Panel is ON?

Leave the unit in the sun for an hour and then cover the complete solar panel. If the lights come on, the button is in the ON position.

If NOT, push in the button once again and put the unit in the sun for another hour. Cover the solar panel again and it should light up.

Product information:

Specifications: 2 mode 90 warm white light, 2 mode 90 white light, 2 mode 90 color light, 2 mode 120 warm white light, 2 mode 120 white light, 2 mode 120 color light, 2 mode 150 warm white light, 2 mode 150 Lamp white light, 2 mode 150 lamp colorful light,

Light source power: 2.4 (W)

Main scope of application: Outdoor garden lawn decoration

Input voltage: 220V

Voltage: 3.3

Packing list:

1 *Solar panel

1 * bracket

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