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Remember the days when you were so not in the mood to cook food. You couldn’t imagine opening up the spice containers, let alone putting them in the cooking pot.

But still, you had to do it anyway because, hey, you didn’t want your kids to come home to an empty dining table. But the problem? Food made with an uninspired heart was too bland.

Easy hack for you – these whimsical kitchen spice mats. Decorated with majestic sprinkles of your favorite spices, delicately put-together silver spoons and carefully selected fresh herbs, it is guaranteed to blow life in your spiritless heart.

Nothing would then stop you from becoming a kitchen wizard who is competent enough to play with multiple potions and spells and generate an irresistibly scrumptious meal for the family.

What you’ll get:

Whimsical addition to your dull kitchen: This color-blocked and spice-strewed mat is guaranteed to give your kitchen an exciting aura. It will convince you and your kids to keep the kitchen clean (otherwise the dear mat would become dirty :p), and you to cook heavenly food.

Sewn edges for extended durability: The 100% polyester spice kitchen mat has its edges sewn so that it doesn’t ruffle anytime soon. The base is skid-resistant, ensuring that you do not slip when working on top of it.

Easy to wash: The mat can be washed either by hand or by machine, there will be no fading. 

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