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See Everything from Miles Away Like You Are Standing Next to It

[video width=”1280″ height=”720″ mp4=”https://teppy.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/4K-10-300X40mm-Super-Telephoto-Zoom-Monocular-Telescope-720p.mp4″][/video]

If you want to capture stunning vistas of the great outdoors, shoot close-up video of the action at a sporting event, zoom in close on the singer of the band, or even snap some pics of that cute guy or girl at the beach, then this Monocular was made just for you! 

Use it as a handheld telescope for sightseeing or attach it to your smartphone camera to take the most amazing telephoto pictures and video you’ve ever seen!
You’ll see details you were never able to see before. Take amazing, close-up shots of exotic birds. Shoot stunning close-up video of the winner crossing the finish line at the horse races or NASCAR. See every detail of the craters on the moon.
See Far Away Scenes Clear and Sharp 

Simply attach the Monocular to your smartphone and you’ll be able to capture incredible telescopic photos and video on your smartphone’s camera. You can even mount your smartphone on a tripod to get sharp, crystal-clear photos even in the dead of night!

Take Mind-Blowing Telescopic Photos and Videos With any Smartphone

The telescopic photos you shoot with this Monocular will look great in your family photo album or make stunning additions to your Instagram or Flickr page!

Single Hand Focus Monocular: This monocular is easy to hold with one hand. Ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand. And the rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable for use and keeps it from slipping out from your hand.


 Waterproof and Easy to Focus: Compact and Sturdy body make it withstand heavy weather. It can resist light water but can not be used in heavy rain for a long time or soaked in the water. Single-hand HD focus can see fast-moving objects clearly.

HD Monocular Telescope: With BAK4 prism lens design, You will have clearer and brighter images with 300X closer large field of view. It will be an amazing viewing experience. Perfect for Bird Watching, Wildlife, Hunting, Camping, Scenery, Outdoor Sports.


Night Vision: The built-in night vision function allows you to use it normally at night.


Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers: a handheld and must-have for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping, surveillance, and traveling.


Magnification: 10-300X
Prism Type: BAK-4 
Objective lens coating: FMC
Prism system: BAK-4 Prism
Field of view: 360ft/1000yds
Weight of monocular: 1.1 pounds

Frequently asked questions

Question: Is this monocular good for someone who needs to see long distances?
Answer: I know that I find it easier to focus and it’s a brighter view than using binoculars. There is only one window of vision versus trying to get two eyes to combine two windows of vision into a single view. I only use this and no longer will bother with binoculars because it offers a quick single line of vision.

Question: Does this fit an iPhone X?
Answer: Yes, it is suitable for most smartphones, such as iPhone / Samsung / Huawei, etc. You only need to adjust the lens of the phone to the telescope and adjust the angle.

Question: Can it be used without a phone?
Answer: Like other telescopes, it can be used with eyes through the eyepieces. The role of the mobile phone is to shoot and record.

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