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Universal Topless Can Opener

Do like drinking your beer straight from the can? Well, you’ll like them better when you open the top so you can freely drink on it like you’re drinking on a glass! This item is a special opener for beer and soda cans. It completely opens the top portion of the can so you have a wide mouth to drink on. What’s more amazing about it is that the opening is seamless! It is free from sharp edges and crooked cuts that can hurt your mouth! So, you can easily sip from the top while enjoying your ice-cold beer! This item is pocket-size. So, you can easily take it anywhere you go. This one is perfect for camping trips, barbecue parties, and fun beach days! Get one and experience drinking beer straight from the can like never before!


Drinking your favorite drink straight from the can has never been this convenient! This item allows you to open the whole top of the can. It has a seamless cut so you can comfortably sip from the can without hurting your lips on the opening! You can also place ice cubes inside or squeeze fresh lemon on your drink! This can opener has a universal design and it fits most soda and beer cans. Moreover, this can is suitable for cans that are 8-19 ounces. Now, you can finally enjoy drinking from the can like you’re drinking from a glass. All thanks to this go swing can opener!


This can opener is pocket-size. It is square and it fits even the back pocket of your jeans. It is easy to take this can opener wherever you go, and it is very easy to use and very safe too! In fact, it has an easy-grip, soft-squeeze lever for easy can opening!

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