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Cleaning the house is a tiring task that everyone wants to avoid, but can’t really do that. It is followed by washing and drying of the cleaning products like brooms, mops and pans.

All this feels like coming out of a frying pan and getting in the fire. But with this mop hook, your chore is made easier.

Mount this hook on the wall and hang your washed brooms and mops to let them dry quickly. The hanging position makes sure that the water drains out of them faster so that they can be used again.

What you’ll get:

Convenient storage: Stop putting your brooms and mops anywhere you feel like it. Place these hooks at a designated spot and hang your cleaning objects there. It will reduce your time spent in finding the tools when needed. The rolling balls on the hook ensure that it holds rods of different sizes tightly and don’t let them fall.

Quick drying of washed mops: If you place washed up mops on the floor, they will take a decade to dry up and be used again. So better to hang them on this mop hook and let them dry quickly.

Easy installation: The adhesive back of the holder needs to be attached to a clean surface, and that’s it. No need for drilling holes in the wall to attach the hooks. With a single touch, you can install it.

Multiple uses: Not just for the cleaning products, but you can use it to store anything that comes with a rod. For example, gardening tools and bathroom cleaning brushes with rod-like shapes are ideal for hanging on these hooks.


Material: Plastic

Wall-mounted hooks

Easy installation

Tightly grips brooms, mops, etc

Convenient storage option

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